A little bit about me .....

I Love the countryside, dogs and all things in nature. The images on this site span around 13years and are a kind of diary of my life during that time. Prior to 2000 all my photographs were taken on colour film and are not included here.

In the past I've exhibited and sold prints through Galleries and shops, had books of my photos published and undertaken commissions of all kinds. Nowadays I enjoy taking photos just for my pleasure but I hope others enjoy them too.

All images are taken in the United Kingdom, mostly in the Mendip Hills where I live, but also, Wales, the Isle of Skye and other areas in the South West.

I've used Canon cameras for all of my life starting with an AE1 and currently use a 6D and a G12. I hate carrying a tripod, prefer to get the image right in the camera with minimal post processing, although all images go through Lightroom before displaying here.

If you would like a print of any image you can purchase a digital download and get it printed and framed to your own requirements.
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  • Untitled photo
  • Chipper watches the other dogs chasing something
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